Giddings, BlackJack Ranch

Austin Area

Property Info

  • General Availability
    This site is available year round.
  • Lake Size
    15 Acres
  • Bank Fishing
    Bank fishing is available.
  • Tent Camping
    Tent camping is not available.
  • Boat Availability
    Jon boat with bench seating
  • Boat Launch
    Small boats/trailers easily launched from bank.
BlackJack Ranch sits on a gently rolling 1300 acre cattle and red deer ranch. As you enter the electric gate you will notice red deer and other exotics in various high fence pens ranging from a few acres to pens larger than 50 acres. This 15 acre lake is 20 feet deep. There is a huge pier which is great for the kids. The largest fish to date is 10 lbs. 4 oz.


Active cattle ranch, keep all gates closed that were closed and leave all gates open that were open.

MANDATORY!!! Remove all bass 14" and under at this site. Report the total number of each species removed, back to the club office through the online reservation system after your outing.

General Directions

1 hour SE of Austin 2 hours NW of Houston 2 hours NE of San Antonio

Fishing Report

Ok day at Black Jack

NICHOLAS SAVO on Aug 02 ,2021

Reservation Number : 29319 Property Name : BlackJack Ranch Reservation Date : 08/01/2021 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 14 Lures Used : Soft plastics, t-rig, rugby Fished BlackJack ranch on Sunday 8/1. Caught fish, but nothing of real good…

Hot, windy day at Blackjack

Pablo Maldonado on Jul 25 ,2021

Reservation Number : 29265 Property Name : BlackJack Ranch Reservation Date : 07/24/2021 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 23 (.5lb to 5lbs ) 5 culled Lures Used : Swimbait, popper, crankbait and stickbaits. Second visit to this wonderful property…


Wendell Vines on May 11 ,2021

Reservation Number : 28468 Property Name : BlackJack Ranch Reservation Date : 05/10/2021 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 42 / up to 18" Lures Used : Variety Was greeted at BlackJack by a nice young buck in velvet and…

Property Pricing

  • Day Rate$100.00
  • Half-Day Rate$75.00
  • Under Twelve RateNo Charge
  • Youth (13-17) Day Rate$50.00
  • Youth (13-17) Half-Day Rate$40.00