Ennis, Bluebonnet Ridge

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Ennis, Bluebonnet Ridge

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Property Info

  • General Availability
    This site is available year round.
  • Membership Access
    Gold Member Only Access
  • Lake Size
    30 Acres
  • Bank Fishing
    Bank fishing is available.
  • Tent Camping
    Tent camping is not available.
  • Boat Availability
    Jon boat with bench seating
  • Boat Launch
    Small boats/trailers easily launched from bank.
Two for the price of one; fishing at Ennis Bluebonnet Ridge allows you to fish the largest of the lakes at this property as well as the smaller 8 lake called Mesquite Valley. You are welcome to fish either or both lakes during your reservation. They are 300 yards apart; separated by a small ridge. Don't miss the sushi, yes sushi, at the Bristol General Store. Read more about this unique place at the bottom of the description.

Bluebonnet Ridge is a 32 acre soil conservation lake with lots of solid; well fed bass. The lake was built in the late 60's and has been home to numerous double-digit bass. Most of the lake is less than 6 feet deep and the water is usually very clear. Aquatic vegetation covers approximately 75% of the lake so fishing is primarily limited to the deepest 6 to 8 acres of water. Grass Carp have been added and we expect to see a reduction of vegetation from winter die off and the introduction of grass carp for 2020. There is an improved rock ramp so launching 17' aluminum boats and smaller should not be a problem.

Mesquite Ridge is a deep 8 acre lake with limited vegetation and a covered dock. Test fishing results resulted in a plentiful amount of 2-4 lb bass. This lake is great for those looking to bank fish or to fish off a covered dock. There is not an improved boat ramp, so launching only small boats is recommended. Unless you have 4x4 we would not recommend launching anything heavier than a jon boat.

About 5 miles from the lake is one of the more unusual sites we have seen. A general store with a restaurant in the TINY community of Bristol. Having a restaurant within a general store is in itself not unusual but having a sushi restaurant is. Moreover, the sushi is outstanding. In fact, on Friday and Saturday evening the place is packed with folks who drive 40 miles south from Dallas. We have included a current menu in the pictures section of this property. Please note that the hours are a bit unusual and subject to change. As of October 2019 Sushi is available on Wednesday evening and all day Friday-Sunday. For those of you, who are crazy, and don't like sushi, they have breakfast sandwiches in the morning (opens at 7:00 AM) and hamburgers and chicken sandwiches for lunch. We recommend you call 972 666 2400 for hours before you go.



***DO NOT HARVEST ANY BASS AT THIS SITE. You may still remove any crappie or catfish caught and report them to the club office through the online reservation system after your outing***

Please keep your speed down to 15 mph on all ranch roads. Anything faster is a concern for the ownership and you will not be permitted to return.

During times of wet weather we recommend that you park at the top of the hill and walk 200 yards to the boat launch area. The all weather road ends at the top of the hill. When navigating down the hill, try not use the exact tract of previous members. Drive in the same general area, but dont use the exact path. When we wear down the "path" to dirt we will begin to have erosion issues. Driving down will likely provide no issues, but climbing the hill in wet weather may pose a problem. In wet weather you may want to stick with the 8 acre lake only.

General Directions

34 miles south of Downtown Dallas

Fishing Report

Lots of action, but lots of weeds

Paul Jarzemsky on Apr 20 ,2024

Reservation Number : 39575 Property Name : Bluebonnet Ridge Reservation Date : 04/19/2024 PM - Total Fish/Sizes : 6; 1/2 lb - 2lb Lures Used : fly rod with poppers; casting rod with topwater lures I fished the small lake…

Difficult day, but still satisfying

Edward Coffey on Apr 01 ,2024

Reservation Number : 39296 Property Name : Bluebonnet Ridge Reservation Date : 03/30/2024 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 4 Lures Used : popper, chartreuse ring worm Not satisfying because I caught a lot fish, but because I overcame the…

Fun day

Ben Jordan on Mar 14 ,2024

Reservation Number : 38969 Property Name : Bluebonnet Ridge Reservation Date : 03/12/2024 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 13 LMB up to 5.5lbs Lures Used : Buzz baits, frogs Was a great day fishing out at bluebonnet. New trolling…

Property Pricing

  • Day Rate$130.00
  • Half-Day Rate$95.00
  • Under Twelve RateNo Charge
  • Youth (13-17) Day Rate$65.00
  • Youth (13-17) Half-Day Rate$50.00