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Cash, Signal Ranch

Dallas/ Fort Worth Area


  • General Availability
    Available Monday - Thursday only
  • Lake Size
    10 Acres
  • Bank Fishing
    Bank fishing is available.
  • Tent Camping
    Tent camping is not available.
  • Boat Availability
    Mini Pontoon Boat with trolling motor and battery
  • Boat Launch
    No outside boats allowed
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*24 hour notice to fish this site
* 2 adult person minimum to fish this site
*No youth or children rates apply. All parties pay adult pricing.
*No 1/2 day rates are available.
In a single word Signal Ranch can be summed up as a "Showplace". Every "I" has been dotted and every "T" has been crossed. The attention to detail is apparent from the moment you enter the ranch; from the manicured grounds, to the all weather roads, to the boats and likely the most important element to our members, the lake. This is the property you want to take your best client, a place to celebrate your Dad's birthday, or the occasion where you want to celebrate something special.

This 10 acre lake has been under INTENSE management from an outside lake management company and his teaming with fat bass. No expense has been spared to manage this fishery. In addition to the abundant forage base of bluegill, red ear sunfish, and threadfin shad the lake has a boost of tilapia added each summer. For an added bonus the lake owners add more than 1000 lbs of goldfish and crawfish on a sporadic basis to make sure these fish have what they need to grow.
The 10 acre lake fishes more like a 15 to 20 acre lake as it is long and thin creating a much larger shore line than most lakes that are similar size. Water depths to 15 foot, with brush piles, humps, small points, cattails and all kinds of habitat that bass love. Much of the lake can be fished from the bank and is great for the fly fisherman.

No outside boats allowed, but there are two, two person mini pontoon boats with a trolling motors and batteries waiting for you at the dock. A second charged battery will be available in the event the first one becomes low. Please note that a 2 person reservation includes the use of 1 boat and a reservation for 3 or more includes the use of 2 boats. Kayaks and hand launched boats are OK, but you may not attempt to launch a trailer. There is a covered pavilion with tables and restroom facilities. Perhaps the most intriguing feature on the property is the gigantic bridge that spans the width of the lake creating that special feel of a ranch that has spared no expense.

This site requires a 24 hour notice and there is a 2 person minimum to fish this lake. We are fishing only Monday-Thursday through June 2019. We are working on the possibility of fishing Friday, Saturday and Sundays as well as lodging opportunities for the Summer and Fall of 2019. We are going to walk before we run on this property.

We are not harvesting fish at this site. This site is strictly catch and release fishing.

Likely the closest Walmart and restaurants are 5 to 6 miles south of the Ranch in the town of Quinlan.

General Directions

45 miles east of Downtown Dallas

Fishing Report

Perfect Day at Signal Ranch

Russ Frenzel on Jun 26 ,2020

Reservation Number : 24846 Property Name : Signal Ranch Reservation Date : 06/25/2020 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 120 (most 15'-18") Lures Used : All Soft Plastics/Crank Baits We had a rocking day at Signal Ranch.  Between 4 of…


Samuel Mitchell on Jun 16 ,2020

Reservation Number : 24714 Property Name : Signal Ranch Reservation Date : 06/15/2020 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 80/2-5 pounds Lures Used : Frogs/Soft plastics/Texas rig My buddy Wade and I fished from sun up to sun down and…

Signal Ranch Morning

Carl Sparks on Jun 12 ,2020

My 3rd time fishing Signal Ranch (a nice Father's Day gift).  Fished 6AM-1PM just one rod.  Wife took pictures.  Morning top water/frog bite there but slow. Probably because night dropped to 50s during an otherwise hot week.    Mid morning…

  • Day Rate$225.00
  • Half-Day Rate$225.00
  • Under Twelve Rate$225.00
  • Youth (13-17) Day Rate$225.00
  • Youth (13-17) Half-Day Rate$225.00
  • Cash

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