Houston Sites

Things are currently looking much better in the Houston area than in recent years.  The area has received a decent amount of rainfall this winter and our tanks are benefitting from it.

Here are just a few updates to help direct you when making reservations.

Damon Live Oak Fish Farm:

Has reduced day rates to $75 per day!  The water is still a little low at this site but, there’s plenty of area to fish.  The landowner plans to add some tilapia this spring as well as fertilize the lake.  Both of these actions will improve the fishery through the summer.  They have also offered the cabin on the lake for our members to use.  We are not allowed to stay overnight but, members can use the bathroom and also take in some air conditioning while on a break from fishing the lake.

Ellington Tree Farm:

Water levels are very good at this site.  Reports lead us to believe that the bass population is currently healthy.

Humble Buckhorn Ranch:

You’ll need a boat to effectively fish this site.  Vegetation can be a problem as the weather warms up.  Get out there early this spring as conditions are currently good.

Normangee Fuehs Lake:

Just north of Houston, this site may be the sleeper of the Houston area this year.  Recent reports have been good but, this site does not get fished much.