Fish Fry

We had a terriffic day during our second fish fry at Cleburne Six O Ranch this past Saturday. The weather was absoutley perfect with light winds, cloud cover, and 70 degrees. We removed 96 fish of 14" and smaller by 2:00 and with 5 people fishing after our last count. My guess is that we removed about 150 fish. We need to remove an additional 850 fish from this lake. While one of the goals was to remove fish, the other was to have a great time. Goal accomplished. We had 12 guests, Our guests were, Bill Pease and his sister Cheryl, John Harvey, Brian Akers, Don and Pat Nichols, David and Andrew Flurry, Roderick and Thurman Alford, David and Jack Martin. Our staff included;  Walter Bassino our Fisheries manager, Brian Hughes Operations manager, our chief coordinator Keri Alexander and me.

Bill Pease won both the smallest fish (8 inches) and the most fish under 15 inches in 4.5 hours of fishing with a total of 16 fish. Since we had two prizes (Under Armour-PWF shirts) we awarded the second shirt to David Martin with a total of 14 fish.  Our youngest guest was 8 year old Andrew Flurry; catching 4 fish. We all had an opprunity to meet the ranch manager Ted Reeves who spent the whole day with us. It was good food and even better company.

Special thanks go out to Walter Bassino who cleaned all fish, help serve, official photographer, cleaner-uper, and helped with fertilization of the entire lake.

We hope that you will join us either this Fall or next Spring for our third event.