Harvest, Harvest, Harvest. This will be the mantra of the upcoming year for Private Water Fishing. We'll touch on that later in this update. Let us first welcome you to Private Water Fishing's opening letter and our new look web-site. We are very excited to have you as members. We are committed to improving our current lakes, adding new sites and improving our communication with you and our landowners. Please know that we recognize we have much work to do and we are prepared to work hard at improving your experience with your club.

As of February 5th, almost half of our members have responded to the survey! I can tell you that every company in the U.S. would be thrilled to have such a response rate. We thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey and for helping us improve the club. Moreover, the surveys revealed some much needed information. We plan to be transparent with the results and will be sharing them with you over the next few months. However, we will share with you now that the overwhelming majority of members want more quality lakes. We have met with several new landowners in the last 30 days who have such lakes and we are in the "waiting period" of signing up some or all of these NEW lakes. We have also met with many of our current landowners both in person and on the phone to gauge their satisfaction. Overall, they are happy with you as members, as well as the respect you show them and their property. For that, we thank you.

There are so many new things that we will be implementing this year and the years to come, that I could write for hours. But for now, now that there are hundres of new things going on behind the scenes and you will see positive changes. I ask for your patience, as nothing happens as fast as any of us would like. My wife Keri, and Brian Hughes will be working in the office and taking reservations. They will have the privilege and responsibility of serving you and our landowners. Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions. I will be "on the road" visiting new and existing properties and plan to visit every existing site by the end of the year. The club will be top grading our properties over the years and again, you will see improvements. However, I also believe that we have some incredible current properties and several others that, with just a bit of management, time and money, can become premier fisheries.

Now, back to the mantra of Harvest, Harvest, Harvest. Let's define harvest for the purpose of this letter. Harvest is the removal of unwanted fish from our lakes. Simple right? It is simple but we MUST have your help. For some of you, it may feel that harvesting is not important or that it isn't your responsibility. I respectively ask that you re-consider. The removal of smaller bass from our lakes is paramount to greatly and rapidly improving our fisheries. In many cases this will be necessary but, not at all lakes. We will notify you of the sites in which we wish to implement the harvest program. DO NOT HARVEST UNLESS INSTRUCTED. Moreover, the reality is that the club cannot effectively manage the harvest of all of our 50 plus lakes instantaneously. Therefore, we are formulating our plans regarding which lakes to harvest first and how we will account for the removal of the fish. In later updates and communication, we will share with you our fish management strategies and begin proving the reulst of these strategies on certain lakes. Please help us manage our lakes and we assure you, you will see the improvement.

In the meantime, we thank you for you business and hope that you are sharing the experience of the outdoors with someone who could use and appreciate the awesome experience of fishing on private lakes.

Harvest, Harvest, Harvest!