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Houston Sites

Date Posted: 3/9/2010
Things are currently looking much better in the Houston area than in recent years.  The area has received a decent amount of rainfall this winter and our tanks are benefitting from it. Here are just a few updates to help direct you when making reservations. Damon Live Oak Fish Farm: Has reduced day rates to $75 per day!  The water is still a little low at this site but, there’s plenty of area to fish.  The landowner plans to add some tilapia this spring as well as fertilize the lake.  Both of these actions will improve the fishery through the…

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New partial day option at San Saba Waco Creek!

Date Posted: 3/9/2010
Waco Creek is now offering our members a partial day of fishing before or after your full day reservation.  For $75.00 per person you can fish from 3:00 p.m. to dark on the day before your full day reservation or dawn to 11:00 a.m. on the day after. Note: You must have a full day scheduled to receive the partial day offer. If you already have reservation on the books and would like to add a partial day, please contact the club office. PWF

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Phase 1 Of New Website

Date Posted: 2/15/2010
We are proud to launch the release of Phase 1 of our Web-site. We hope you will enjoy the new look, feel, and functionality of our web-site. Let us first mention that this is a “work in progress” and there will be multiple tweaks and changes.  We believe that our web-site can be the best tool for us to communicate with you on a consistent basis and plan to update regularly, but we also believe in superior customer service and realize many of you still like to speak to a human. Please feel free to contact us by phone, whenever…

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Date Posted: 2/9/2010
Harvest, Harvest, Harvest. This will be the mantra of the upcoming year for Private Water Fishing. We'll touch on that later in this update. Let us first welcome you to Private Water Fishing's opening letter and our new look web-site. We are very excited to have you as members. We are committed to improving our current lakes, adding new sites and improving our communication with you and our landowners. Please know that we recognize we have much work to do and we are prepared to work hard at improving your experience with your club. As of February 5th, almost half…

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